Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paper Pierced Card

It's getting closer to Christmas every day, so I've been thinking about some designs for this year. I used the star template Lee kindly sent me for this one and it worked really well! Thank you again for your generosity, Lee!

This little star template (I posted a pic of it too) cannot be found in Australia! Well, I haven't found it here anywhere and I was looking for ages. It's actually a sewing notion in the USA. Lee sent me a circle and a square too. They are great!

So if anyone reading this has a craft importing business, I reckon you'd do well to look for some of these little beauties and let paper crafters know you have them!!


Tanyah Payne said...

You have so many fantastic ideas and enjoy reading your blog.

I have a surprise for you over at my blog

have a fantastic day
luv tanXx

Lee said...

Ohhh soooo gorgeous!!! I love it!! Can you believe I haven't even used mine yet?? LOL

Grace said...

Wow! Susan, this one is very lovely. I will definitely try it, and I hope it will turn out good. :)