Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What is a Rub On?

Thanks for asking about what rub ons are, Grace. I plan to place some pictures up soon to show how they work. They are like transfers, decals or a form of stickers.

Nardi, thank you for asking about the quality of home-made rub ons. The end result of making your own rub ons is good - they may turn out to be a little softer or less defined than regular store-bought ones, but I like that look :)

It depends on the quality of your printer, I guess.

The other advantage to using your own Rub Ons is that you can get them to say exactly what you want them to! No need to keep hunting for just the right words in a shop! You can personalise your message without any fuss!

My PC is having some problems as I have an older operating system, and I have yet to work out how to download and edit pics from my camera on the laptop. I will do that very soon (today I have a scrap booking workshop here at home so am preparing for that!) and will show you how the rub ons turn out, OK?

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