Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bling & Beads

Daring Card Makers - Bling & Beads

"This week's challenge is set by Lynda and I want you use... Bling and Beads. You can use micro beads or threading beads. Any sort of bling: glitter, sequins, crystals brads etc. Have fun!!! "

OK - I am off to have fun with this challenge. Will re-edit this post later when I have something to show.

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Paula J Atkinson said...

Hi susan, the word for the year is a design challenge & the link for the email sign up etc is on my blod under the post Something Sensational happened on day 4. It is a new challenge for the year from one of the hottest designers. She is cool & two people who are already designers in this country have said they fancy playing along as well. I have already almost finished my layout for Monday. Then i have another challenge to complete for someone else before Friday. I decided this year was Me time year!!!
Take a look at the blog entry & sign up to play along you won't regret it.