Monday, July 03, 2006

A week to make three cards...

I have this week to make three cards. That should be fun, right? Well, it will be, once I actually start! Will do so tomorrow. Today was a wonderful sunny day and I just had to take advantage of being out in it a bit. This is the first time we have had a completely sunny day since March 20th, when Cyclone Larry struck. It felt so good to sit and bask in the sun a bit - with my two tabby cats, of course. They thought it was wonderful to have company on the front steps for awhile!

What is it about sunny days that make me want to clean everything? I spent another part of today getting red mud off lots of things - floors, walls, mats etc. And the rose bushes appreciated a light pruning. They were yet another excuse for me to stay out in the sun.

There was a craft interlude at my house today. My mother has a new computer program that can change photos into cross stitch patterns. She brought it round to me and we worked out how to use it, finally creating cross stitch patterns out of two pictures of my lovely daughter. My mother was thrilled with the resulting patterns and went away a very happy woman. Of course, the coffee and cake probably also helped!

Cardmaking is definitely on the 'To Do' list for tomorrow.

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Suzanne said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for visiting my gallery and the wonderful comments.

I can't imagine being without sunny days for 3 months! I almost went crazy last week when it was cloudy and rainy (14 inches) all week. We get cloudy periods but they rarely last longer than 3 days or so. I'm definately a sun person! Glad you got to enjoy the sun and I hope it stays around for a bit.

The cross stitch computer program sounds like fun. I used to cross stitch alot. That was before quitling, srapbooking and stamping took over my life. Don't do much now, but still has scads of patterns and materials for it. In fact I found a bag in a drawer the other day and when I took it out I was accidently holding it upside down and about 30 skeins of floss fell out. I didn't have the heart to look further and see what project it was that I never started! I just picked up the floss and hastily shoved it back into the bag!

I'm really hopeless when it comes to unstarted and unfinished craft projects. I keep saying "in my retirement!" and then go out and buy someting new!

Have fun stamping tomorrow. Can't wait to see the cards you come up with. Bye for now.