Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Sister's Anniversary

I nearly forgot my sister's anniversary! I remembered just before I was supposed to go see her, and, inspired by Alora's eight minute wedding card (thanks, Alora!) I got busy and made something for her. I didn't time myself, but I will next time I have such an emergency! I got to use some new stamps too, which was wonderful. And my sister seemed to like it.


Suzanne said...

Wow! 8 minutes for a card! I'm impressed. It's a beautiful card. Now that I am almost done with my personal Heartfelt challenge I will give myself an 8 minute challenge. On second thought maybe I'd better start with a 30 minute challenge and work my way down. It usally takes me about an hour to make a card unless I already have a pattern to follow that is. Comeing up with the plan is the long part.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, Susan! I really like the colors. You never know when you need a quick card - and it's nice when you can come up with something good, fast. :o)