Friday, November 06, 2009

Embellish This Week 3 Entry

Week 3 of Embellish This! had lots of criteria - we had to use teal, hot pink, black and white, three different textured backgrounds, lots of bling, a feather and a handmade embellishment. While I met all the criteria with this layout of a horse the family used to look after (the inspiration for the challenge was the Melbourne Cup logo so I thought a horse would fit in!) I didn't get through to round 4. The competition was pretty wonderful though so I am happy :)

If you want to see the other entries and follow along, head on over to this gallery. The competition involves eliminations every week of the registered participants so no one else can join in (unless they upload to a general member's area as unofficial participants)


Paula J Atkinson said...

Gorgeous colours Susan! I recently bought some plain dye bed linen for the winter & the duvet & pillowcases are plum with teal sheet & toning pillowcases as they belong together.

Pearl said...

wow ! loving the colors here , Susan ! & love the handmade embellishments !

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Hi Susan thanks forstopping buy at my blog, lovely lay out so full of gorgeous colours.

Andrea xx

Pearl said...

Hi Susan

thanks for your latest lovely comments on my blog !

perhaps you may want to take a look at the sketches over here too for your weekend crop :