Thursday, February 21, 2008

Summer Storms - Monsoonal Skies

Yesterday we had the biggest rain storm of the summer. It lasted for half an hour or more, drumming and pelting down. If I had been thinking about taking photos, I would have been able to capture the rivers that started up in my back yard that eventually found their way into a side door of the garage and flooded it. We were kind of busy mopping up and not taking pictures. I did take a picture of the sky afterwards, just when the blue sky was peeping through again. And we didn't have any more rain today for the first time in over a week of monsoonal trough activity.


Lee said...

You definitely got a pretty photo there!! I keep forgetting we're in opposite seasons!! Our high today will be in the 30's with light snow showers tonite!! LOL

My Paper World said...

That's a great photo Susan, but I'm sorry that your garage got flooded.
Nicola xx

Debby Winters said...

What a fantastic photo Susan!
Like Lee...I forget that you're having summer while we are having winter. Here in Newfoundland today it was -14°C with the windchill. Brrr
Sorry you had to deal with the flood though at least the sun broke through at the end.

Andrea, said...

Fab photo, sorry to hear about your garage. Hope you've got it dried out now

Paula J Atkinson said...

Hi Susan, I lost my link to your blog & the feed packed up so Ive started from scratch!!

I recieved my stampin' up set this morning that I treated myself to at our retreat. I had money left over so got the Sincere Salutations.