Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our house is sold :shock:

While I was out today, someone came to view the house. They have now put in an offer that we have verbally accepted, so our house is, for all intents and purposes, SOLD.

I am still in shock, and am pleased, and am sad, all at once!

We will have about a month from Monday (contract signing day) to move out. That means I have to start all the sorting and packing etc that goes with a major move. And then we need to find a new home to move in to, 1265kms (786 miles) away from here....

My craft work is bound to be a bit patchy over the next month or two, but I will do my best to post and let you know what is happening, and to get back to regularly crafting ASAP!!

I wonder how to keep track of all my craft gear in this phase of my life? Lol!

More later :-)


Pearl said...

Wow ! How exciting is that Susan ! SOLD !!!!! but one mth seems like a rather short time to folks like us here I must say cos we have 3 mths to move in Spore ! lol

Wow ! Well it would be a good time to de-clutter is what I can say ! lol

Not to worry abt the crafting part - just do what time permits !

I guess you would be busy looking for a new home too ? As the Lord leads you & yours !

God Bless !


Suzanne said...

WOW Susan....That was FAST! Congratulations and I guess you have your work cut out for you. I hope you have just as much luck finding a new home! As for your craft gear why not find a good sized basket with a lid and put together an emergency craft kit. You know the basics you would need to have to make a card or two over the next month or so. That way if you have a craft attack and just need to make something you can grab your kit and have a go at it. Then you can pack up the rest of your supplies for the move.

Have Fun! Part of me is jealous...we've lived in our current house 24 1/2 years and I would like a the US that's not an easy thing to do these days though. IT's easy to ind something to buy, not so easy to sell what you already have so I guess we will stay put!

Lee said...

WHOA!!!!!!!! My goodness that was super, super quick!!! The housing market is soooo horrible here right now that we're bracing ourselves for a long year or more before it sells or finding renters in it so we can still move. Sounds like you will be crazy busy for the next month!!! I like Suzanne's idea of kits so you can still stamp even thru the chaos!! You'll be in my prayers for smooth sailing!!! And definitely keep us posted!!

Nardi said...

Hooray!! Glad to hear you had an answer to prayer in the form of the house selling. Will be praying all goes smoothly for you in the next month or so.
And what a great idea of having a small stamping kit to help keep you sane, etc. May just have to do that myself as we gear up to pack and move with the kids. (Oh dear.) Must be the time of year for change.

Amy said...

WHAT???? SUSAN! Are you moving? Where?! I am in shock!