Sunday, February 03, 2008

No craft today

Well, there was no crafting done over here today. First I had a wonderful time at church. In the afternoon, DD and her boyfriend came over and they took some of DDs things back home with them - we were storing a lot of DDs 'stuff' and she will need it now we're moving so far away :-(

DH and I also spent some time looking at houses for sale on the 'Net. With the interest rate rise happening we are going to shoot a little lower than we had planned. We want to be able to afford to stay in a house once we commit to a mortgage.

I'm flying to Brisbane tomorrow to look for our new home - DH cannot get time off work to come with me so do think of me as I do this important task. I'll have the able help of a wonderful girlfriend though :-) and will post a pic of the new place as soon as I can!

I will be gone until late Saturday night so I may not get a chance to post in the next week. You will all be on my mind and I will look forward so much to seeing your posts when I come back! Take care!


Suzanne said...

Have a safe and a fun trip and I hope you find the perfect home for you and your DH!

Debby Winters said...

Best of luck in your search for a new home...I am sure you will be very successful.
by the way...I nomitated you!

Lee said...

Have a safe trip!! You'll be in my prayers! I'll also keep you posted with a picture of our new house.......except it will be a lot longer as we haven't quite gotten our house now on the market yet!! LOL Have fun looking and just know that you'll be missed!!

Andrea, said...

Have a safe journey, hope all goes well and you find a suitable house

My Paper World said...

Good luck with the house hunting! xx

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Hi Susan good luck with the house hunting, glad to hear you have sold yours.

Andrea xx