Friday, February 15, 2008

Circle Journal Swap for Scrapchat

It's late but I love the night. It means I can scrap. I needed to finish the double page layout for my Circle Journal being prepared for Scrapchat, and that's what I did. I set the topic "What Matters Most?" and had to answer it myself first before sending my journal on its journey. This journal will go to another 9 people who will all scrap double page layouts to tell me what matters most to them. I'm looking forward to it! My journalling has been placed inside the little pair of doors on the left of the layout. Here's what it reads:

"When I first set this challenge, I was interested in finding out what people would say were the most important things to them. (I still am interested in what you are going to say!) I didn’t think about how hard it would be for me to put my own thoughts down on paper! What does matter most? What are my priorities? Do I live them?

After much thinking, I discovered I do have a list of priorities in my head and heart:

1. My Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, my faith and trust in Him to keep me through eternity
2. My family, especially my DH and my children, my mother, sister, brothers, nieces, nephews, in-laws and out-laws
3. My friends who stick by me through all the joy and sorrow
4. Being able to do something worthwhile, something creative and challenging but not too hard and frustrating"

I think you can read the rest :-)

I included two different exposures of the layout as the darker one shows up the little crystal jigsaw pieces on it but the lighter one shows truer coloours - I tried to get a shadow effect going by propping the journal up and angling it a bit, but don't think it worked too well.


Andrea, said...

Wonderful layouts

Nardi said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Susan. This is a topic we all need to think about on a regular basis to get things back in to perspective.

Lee said...'s just beautiful!! Great photos of you....probably just a little better than if I took from overseas!! LOL What wonderful journalling too.....very meaningful! The Circle Journal does sound like a very cool project!

My Paper World said...

Very Beautiful Susan! xx

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Its lovely Susan.

Andrea xx