Saturday, February 23, 2008

Davies Creek Day

It turned out to be a lovely day. We started out dutifully getting the place ready for the open house, then gleefully took off to explore. We took our dog and the Ute and found Davies Creek. It had been in flood only a week before, and the road in was corrugated and rough in places, but it wasn't so bad that we didn't want to keep going. When we got there it was worth it. We took the dog (who had to stay on a lead as them's the rules at the creek) for a swim, went wading and rock clambering (to a very limited extent!!) and I took loads of photos. The dragonfly held still just long enough.
It was hot so we came home to wash the dog and take a nap before making dinner. Then during our meal, a visitor came to call. A green one that begged for a pencil to have his picture taken with. DH couldn't resist lending a hand either.
Oh - the house didn't sell. Who wants to move anyway?


Lee said...

What a fun day!!! And wonderful photos!! That green froggy is just too cute!!! I'm sorry about your house.......positive thoughts that it will sell soooooon!!!

Tom Hurley said...

That is a good sized frog! Wish we had them like that (bullfrogs are big, but they're LOUD!).

Lexie said...

Great shots Susan.

Sorry to hear the house didnt sell, I am sure it will soon!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Awww how cute is that frog and dragonfly, great photo's Susan.

Andrea xx