Sunday, February 17, 2008

Photos today

How was your Sunday? Mine was wonderful. I spent a lot of today at church. I am so going to miss our church when we eventually move. :-(

When I got home this evening there was the cutest little frog on the garage door. I just had to rush to get my camera and take his picture. And I am part of a 52 week photo challenge at Scrapchat and had fallen behind in it, so I caught up on two weeks of pics tonight.

One of the challenges was to do a 'reflection' shot, and the next week they asked for 'circles'. I counted the frog's shadow as a reflection. Then I got a shot of the shadow cast by my hand. Then I went to the kitchen and found some more reflections and circles.

Hope you enjoy some of these attempts!


Lee said...

AHA!!! We totally were on the same wavelength last night!!! LOL He is a very cute froggy!! I love your photos Susan, they're so introspective!! I know moving also has some sadness, but think of all the brand new places, faces and critters and things you'll be able to explore and photograph!! I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing lots of different photos and perspectives!!

My Paper World said...

Great photos Susan! I especially love the frog one!
Nicola xx

Suzanne said...

Great photos. The little froggy is so cute. I like the little ones...the big ones well that depends. Your circle photos are well done also.

I think moving is a bitter sweet experience.

Tom Hurley said...

Susan, I bet Clarence could swallow that little froggie in a single gulp and still have room for a mega moth.
Nice photos. Blogs should have nice photos.

Andrea, said...

Fab photos, the little frog is so cute. Have fun decorating you tin, I'm thinking of doing another one

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Great photo's Susan especially my favourite the frog he is so cute.

Andrea xx