Friday, January 12, 2007

What a load of old rubbish!!

From Daring Cardmakers:

"Just as a little midweek extra and to help you use the various bits and pieces scavenged from the Christmas and New Year festivities, we would like you to use something leftover to make a card.

You could use a bit of ribbon from a cracker, paper from a paper hat, a piece of leftover wrapping paper, a bit of card/paper/ribbon from a box of chocs - as long as it's something saved, or scavenged it's allowed!

Of course, it does not have to be Christmas leftovers, I am sure that you all have bits and pieces lovingly saved from being chucked out in the rubbish!! "

And here is mine. I used Christmas colours - red and green - and added in the yellow to make it look less Christmassy. I cut all the little sqaures from bits and pieces in my craft drawer. The spiral is something I have had for awhile, as is the stamp. It's a man's card so I made it simple and refrained from the ribbon I was thinking about using...


Kathy said...

good idea with the little squares - I bet there's loads of ways they could be used, too.
I like the focus bit with the spiral clip on it - I've got some of those too, and I can never think what to do with them!

Lynne said...

Great card Susan.

Gillian said...

Hey Susan, really cute card... I really like how you've divided the 2 coloured BG with the squares.. Very clever.