Friday, August 26, 2022

Hair for the Ponytail Project

Warning: This is a post that doesn't have a lot to do with paper crafting. It's a bit more personal for me.I wanted to share with you though. And it might be related to papercrafting if you read to the end...

You may have noticed I updated my Avatar pic from this to that:

That's because I had 58cm of my hair cut off to give away to a wig making organisation that supports people undergoing chemo and radiation or who have scalp conditions like Alopecia .

I chose the Ponytail Project to donate my hair. They tell you all the details of how to send your hair to them on their page.

Ponytail Project

A huge thanks to Janelle, my hairdresser at the Hair Salon in our Village.She was wonderful about helping me with this. She divided my hair into six ponytails, then plaited and cut off each one individually.She said it was a 'first' for her, too!

I hope someone benefits and it makes a difference to their life!

You know, I don't scrapbook much. This is an event I might think about creating a page for though. What do you think? It seemed like a big deal at the time! I know it sure feels and looks different to go from having very long hair to almost a Pixie cut in an afternoon!

What similar things have you done to make a difference for someone else? Tell me in the comments :)

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