Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Christmas Card for Aussie Troops Drive

Would you like to help the Aussie Troops who cannot easily access cards (let alone hand-made ones!) to send some hand made greeting cards to their loved ones this Christmas? Many of our Troops are deployed overseas where there is no local stationer's or card shop, and they really do appreciate the efforts of people who are able to send them some special greetings.

The drive officially starts in June 2011, but since you may need as much notice as possible, I thought I would let you know I will be collecting for it now. The due date for getting cards to me will probably be about 1st November, but I will confirm this when I know the date for sure.

A couple of things that would really help the processing to make it a little easier are:

1. Please put all your cards in one Snap lock lunch bag, with your name and the number of cards in the bag on the front.

2. Also, if you could please put an envelope with each card so that the soldiers can write on them to send them to their loved ones, it would be greatly appreciated.

3. If you would like the soldiers to write back please also put your address on the plastic bag, or your business cards inside each card. (Otherwise I will put c/- my address for you as I have a PO Box).

So, who will help our Troops? If you would like to help, please contact me and I will send you address details.

Thank you in advance!

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Chriss Rollins said...

hi susan,

How lovely of you to provide such a great service for the troops.

Just a thought why not ask if each person could include one Valentine card in their bag of cards and that way the boys/girls will be set for February.

Hoping to get caught up on your fab blog very soon I have missed you.

loving your header really bright and colourful.

Take care
Chriss x