Monday, February 22, 2010

Decorated Pringles Tin

Do you like those potato chips that come in a can? Ever feel guilty about throwing the perfectly good container away after? Why not decorate it and use it as a container for your own desk or as a container for gifts?

I decorated this one and show how I did it at PaperCraftCentral. I hope you will have a look!


Paula J Atkinson said...

Beautifully done! I try not to buy pringles as I can't stop eating them!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Pearl said...

wow ! who knew it was a chips can ! i've never seen one like this !

love the bling details , Susan !!!

Carla Murphy said...

Beautifully done... I must try this. I will need to buy MANY MANY MANY cans in case I make a mistake though...... ;)

Chris said...

Stunning Susan I love decorated containers... haven't done one for ages though.
I seem to go through phases...think most of us crafters are the same lol
Really need to find some me time so I can have a long browse through your PC site... it seems ages since I had a look at the eye candy there. keep up the good work :D
Chris xx

Chriss Rollins said...

brilliant and as chris says above a while since i decorated a container i feel guilty...i feel guilty eating all the when I can't get my buttons done up.

chriss x

Sarah Rickard said...

Beautiful Susan :-)

Pearl said...

thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog recently , Susan ! ;)

Hope you have time to get crafty & show us soon ! ;)