Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're Moved!

Just a quick catch up - we are indeed moved in to our new home. I am being a little slow to unpack though as I have had asthma and bronchitis since we arrived. It's bed rest for a few days for me, then I can get back into unpacking my craft gear. I managed to unpack the kitchen and bathroom things so we can eat, sleep and get clean, but the rest is having to wait!

I do like the new house. It is much roomier and more peaceful than where we were.

I'm thinking up new cards and scrapbook pages and will show you some when I can!

Take care all :)


Paula J Atkinson said...

Take care of yourself. Your new space sounds fabulous & is giving you creative thoughts already. Can't wait to see what you make :0)

Lee said...

Hi Hi Hi Susan!!!! How exciting!!!! Sheesh life has been crazy here too.......I am hoping to stay caught up better now! LOL I hope you get all settled soon!!