Friday, May 22, 2009

Flood Rains Break the Drought

The drought is over. It has been pretty wet here this week, so much so that roads have been blocked, houses and land flooded, and people urged to stay home where they can. We had our share of rain and there's more to come. Wednesday our little creek cut off the road to our house for awhile and there were streams down both sides of my house but really we are safe and well. I kept our little old (14 yo) dog (pictured) and two old cats inside for the day on Wednesday. I might need to do that again today as the storms are building up again. You can see where the rainwater ran down the side of the house (yes, our neighbours still have their icicle lights Christmas decorations up - icicles? In Qld??) and where the water got up to on the back fence. It floated my pine bark mulch clear away and out of the yard.

Elsewhere in South East Queensland and in northern NSW we have had significant flooding. If you want to see some pictures of what I mean, ABC News has some beauties. We live in the Caboolture/Morayfield area and there are plenty of shots of commonly frequented places on that news stream so do watch for them.

We stayed away from the shopping centres and just as well because it flooded the undercover ones. Today we were able to shop as we normally would though we had to walk up the Travelator because it had been flood damaged and was still broken. No big deal!

I'm so glad the drought is broken - for now.

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