Friday, September 19, 2008

Explosion Box Album

I made a little Explosion Box Album that I haven't put photos in yet! It is so easy to make these. If you would like to know how, go to PaperCraftCentral where I have made a tutorial about these little cuties.

Incidentally, my friend Angie has a website about chocolate. She has added my little Explosion Box project to her site! You can see it at Chocolate Candy Mall. Maybe you have a chocolate party favour you could suggest for her too?

I'd also love to hear how you have used explosion boxes. Please do tell me! And have a great day!


Lee said...

Oh I definitely want to make one of these!! I've seen some cool explosion projects and I love them!! Oh and filled with chocolate as a party favor is such a PERfect idea!!!!

Chris said...

Will have to check out the tutorial Susan... believe it or not I have NEVER ever made an exploding box... despite meaning to for ages and yours looks fab.
Chris xx

Tanyah Payne said...

WOW this looks awesome susan! think I will have to have a got at making one myself ...Luv TanXx