Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm baaaack!

Hi all - have just this evening been able to reconnect to the Internet and am amazed at the number of emails (540!!!!) I have! (a lot of them were spam of course). I need to spend some time on the legitimate ones but will be back here again before too long with some pictures. I am still not quite set up to craft yet but every day I get closer to finding everything and organising it. We moved in to our new house a week ago and I still have a few dozen boxes to unpack. My study looks like the box room as I have been working on getting the kitchen, bedrooms, pets, laundry, books and bathrooms all sorted out. Today DH and I went to one of the new job sites we have to inspect and make quotes on the work we will do for them. Work starts on Monday (shock!) so I really want the house to be functional before then, so I can get soem craft time in at least!

I've missed being here!

Will be around to visit you all as soon as I have tamed the emails!


Suzanne said...

Hi Susan,
Sounds like the move is going well and you are beginning to get settled. Right now I am on vacation myself, back in my home state of Michigan and I have very limited internet. I miss having constant access to it. Good luck with your continuing unpacking and organization.

Lee said...

Hi my friend!!! So good to hear from ya!! Sounds like you're ahead of me in unpacking!!! LOL And I'm still looking for a couple of perfect Colorado things before I mail your package..........I'll let you know so you'll be able to stalk your mailbox at the right time!!! Been snuggling that sweet little grandbaby of yours????!!! Glad you're getting settled!! HUGS!!!

Jaqi said...

Glad you are back, Jaqi x