Thursday, December 27, 2007

New camera + Nature = pics!

I had a chance to take some pics of birds and butterflies long-range this last few weeks. I've been pleased with the results, though I htink the camera would do better in more experienced hands! Oh well - I'm going to make sure I keep experimenting. Here are a couple of photos (I went to the Birds in Backyards and this site [thank you, Dr Don Herbison-Evans, for helping me identify this moth!] to find out what the scientific names were):

Photobucket Aprosmictus erythropterus, King Parrot

Photobucket Alcides Metaurus (Zodiac Moth)

Photobucket Another King Parrot


Lee said...

Wow!! Gorgeous photos!!

Amy said...

Oh these photos are amazing Susan! What a spectacular bird! We got a new slr just before Christmas too and it stuns me how great the photo's come out. Its hard to take a bad one!