Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Have gone back to work after five days off with the flu and asthma, and today the sun decided to shine. I really wanted to be out basking in it, and I was chained to my desk! :-( I did manage to go outside for a couple of minutes to make a mobile phone call, which was better than nothing :-)

I won't have as much time to stamp and create again till the June holidays, but the ideas are coming a little faster lately so maybe I can squeeze a couple in.

It's late so I am off to dreamland for awhile.

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Pearl said...

Hi Susan

how are you doing ?

Hope yopu're doing better when you read this !

Sorry have been MIA reading everyone's blogs these days !

Yes busy offline iwth different things - but also including making things ! lol yes love trying out new stuff or variations .

Hope you have more time to craft in June !

smiles, Pearl