Thursday, August 31, 2006

Director's Special

Well, I made the card for the Director - that's it with the suns on it - and most people seemed to like it. I hope the Director did. I really liked the poem and have my wonderful friend Carla to thank for that. I used the 10 Minute Collage Technique for the stamped images and wound up with some interesting bits and pieces I will be able to make into other future projects. You can see how to do a 10 Minute Collage here - thanks to a lady named Trish Bayley:

I will definitely use the collage technique again, especially when I have more choice in the stamps I can use. My collection is a bit limited at the moment. Maybe alphabet letters would be one way to go in future? With a couple of other small/medium/large stamps? Must try that - hmmmm!

Other news: there is a scrap booking workshop being held in my town at the end of September! I so want to go. I hope I can. I am sure the scrap booking techniques can be used in card making. And I have a special reason for wanting to do some scrap booking - our son's wedding is coming up in October, and I sure do want to make a special album for that. One for him and his new wife, and one for us. Must find a way to go! I'll tell you about it after I do :-)

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Suzanne said...

Your card is wonderful! Thanks for posting the URL for the 10 minute collage instructions. I checked it out and now I can't wait to try it out. Loooks like a lot offun and a great way to create parts for alot of different cards.
I read your comment on my blog and I will answer here. Yes if you ever get a chance to photograph some Australian quilts I would love to see them. There were alot of quilts at the show I just went to from Japan, Korea and Germany, but don't remeber seeing any from Australia.