Monday, April 17, 2006

Rainy days make warped cards!

We have had our fair share of cyclonic activity up here in FNQ. There is yet another cyclone warning current and it has not really stopped raining since Larry struck about 4 weeks ago. You might think that makes for perfect card making conditions - conditions are not favourable for gardening, shopping, going out, washing clothes, etc, so why not make cards? Well, it is interesting that cyclonic conditions make for very humid days even though it is not hot, and everything is sprouting mould, and warping. So card making is an extra challenge. Even some of my books have warped and heavy tomes I have been using to flatten things out nicely are not always the best choice right now. I do have a small flower press which allows me to screw things down tightly. That seems to be a little more successful. By the time the recipients get the cards, they may be back in their original warped condition or begin to warp as soon as they are out of the envelope!! Oh well. I know everyone is having the same problems, so I am not going to let this stop me making a girlfriend's 40th birthday card. See you later :-)

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