Sunday, February 15, 2009

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Have you ever run out of gift wrap at a critical time? Or do you just want to personalise your own wrapping paper, making a special looking gift for a special someone? That's what did this Valentine's Day - I made my own handstamped paper! My husband was so surprised!

I made a page about how to make your own wrapping paper at, in case you would like to make your own and would like to see the nitty gritty 'how to' details - lol!

Oh by the way - is anyone wondering what I wrapped here? It was a gift for my hubby. Can you tell what it was?



hello Susan

your work is a great inspiration and so is your encouragement and friendship, thank you.

Hop on over to my blog.... there is an award for you.....hugs Hannah

Lee said...

That is a fantastic idea and such a cute gift!!! Now.........what was inside??? LOL