Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bushfire and Flood News

Thank you so much for your concern, my friends. Colin and I are still safe and are far away from the fires and floods. The fires are still burning and the death toll is at 173 today, and expected to rise. The static picture I've given you here shows where the fires are today. Here is a movable fire map so you can see where the blazes are controlled and where they are not.

To get an idea of the size of Australia, think of the lower 48 US states, turn that upside down, and overlay it on Australia. It just fits.

On the movable map, if you follow the east coast up to where Australia bulges out the most, you will find Brisbane and just north of that, Caboolture. That is where I am.

Keep going up the coast to where the coast starts to be verticle, and you will see Cairns, and inland from that, Atherton. That's where I used to live and all along the coast up there south to Ingham is also where the floods are happening. Thankfully, the waters are receding up there now but they will need to work very hard to clean everything up. I don't know if you have ever had flood water through your house, but it is pretty smelly, muddy and ugly. There's over 3,000 homes affected by the floods in the north and down south, over 750 houses burnt in the fires.

Sorry to be so depressing, but the mood over here is a little like that right now. We're also a caring country where people will get up and get going to help, so we will be alright.

Some of you have been so kind and caring, and have asked how to help. If anyone wants to know about a charity taking funds for disaster relief, try the Australian Red Cross.

This story about the experiences of one family who barely escaped with their lives really touched me.

Thank you on behalf of those who cannot thank you themselves right now.

I'll be back papercrafting very soon!


Pearl said...

Hi Susan !

I'm glad to know you're far & safe from these bush fires !

what a time !

hugs, Pearl

Lee said...

Ohhh it truly is heart-breaking to see and hear about all this tragedy....please know my prayers are with all of you and especially those affected so terribly!!!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Hi Susan so glad to hear you are safe , my heart goes out to the families and peaple who have died with it

Andrea xx