Thursday, November 20, 2008

Storms and the PC

We are having some amazing storms lately. This week it has stormed twice already. They are calling the first storm we had a cyclone, though it lasted only half an hour in our area. It was strong enough to lift a large aviary off a paved area under cover and shift it several feet! It was strong enough to pick up our garden furniture and dance it around the back yard! It was even strong enough to derail a freight train in our town!!!

My poor delicate little pansies were battered and there was a mini-flood that has saturated the ground in the back yard. I'm doubly glad I took pictures and made a slide show of the flowers before they were battered.

Tonight we had a wonderful display of sheet lightning, then forked lightning, then heavy rain. Our power went off for half an hour, the dog was cowering under our feet, but we managed to find plenty of candles to light our way. It's all good now, and we weren't too concerned at the time. Other people in our city didn't fare so well though - there are roofs off in a couple of suburbs and some people were hit by both storms this week, to their sorrow and their property's detriment.

To add to all this, my PC is on the blink and is behaving badly. I cannot upload photos or get to some websites, even on the laptop. Tomorrow I plan to have the PC and the laptop checked out.

To tease you, a card class I held on Wednesday was a lot of fun, so when I am able I will upload some more images of what we made :) Oh and I have wonderful shots of some things made at last weekend's craft retreat!

More later.......


Tom Hurley said...

Just some thoughts: The "sheet" lightning was perhaps attracted to the "bed" of pansies. The "fork" lightning "knifed" your PC. Who knows what damage can be caused by a "Worst in 25 years" storm?

Lee said...

Ohhh bummer about the storms!! But lightning sure is pretty!!! I can't wait to see what you created!!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Sounds really wild you end of the world. Here in the UK we are expecting snow. Shame it couldn't have hung on for another month for a white Christmas.
Look forward to seeing your creations.