Sunday, November 02, 2008

Candy Bar Cards

I found out about a new way to make a splash for people celebrating significant birthdays - make them a Candy Bar Card! My friend Angie at Chocolate Candy Mall described how to make these to me awhile ago, and today I made one for a friend who was turning 60. That's a significant birthday! I took this one with me to our dinner out with our friend and people seemed to find it quite amusing :)

If you would like to see how I made this, I have written the instructions out over at PaperCraftCentral. Let me know if you make one of these, OK? I'd love to see how you use your chocolate bars!

And if you cannot read what I have written on the card, here are the words I used:

"Dear Bob

We know you need a BOOST now the CRUNCH(ie) has come and you have reached that (cherry)RIPE old age of 60, so here’s some advice. Take some TIME OUT to DREAM. Go on PICNICS with the (Turkish)DELIGHTful love of your life. Be (cara)MELLOW and try not to FLAKE when out with friends.

Happy Birthday to our OLD FAVOURITE friend. Have a CADBURY DAIRY MILK CHOCOLATE day!

Love from your pseudo sibling and his wife, Colin & Susan XXX"

See, DH and Bob look so much alike people mistake them for brothers. That's why I call them the Pseudo Siblings! LoL!


Suzanne said...

What a marvelous idea. I may just have to go sort through some of our leftover Halloween candy to see if any is appropriately named to be used in a card like this.
Thanks for sharing!

Chriss Rollins said...

out of this world ..(MARS or MILKY WAY)
THE ALTERED DISC IS TO BE sent by email to me by the 10th November.
they will be on the paper girls blog by the 11th.
so there should hopefully be lots of inspiration for you to take with you.
please join in it's open to everyone.the prize is fab.
chriss x

Grace said...

Susan, that is a good idea. Maybe I will try this on some of my niece or nephews, too... :)

Pearl said...

haha ! too cute Susan ! adorable idea !

Chris said...

Fab Fab Fabulous idea Susan... I would be in my element if I received a card like that. I am a chocoholic after
love it!!
Chris xx

Chrissie said...

Very clever, Susan! That is my kind of card!

Nardi said...

What a "sweet" idea Susan!! :o)

Amy said...

HAha what a fantastic idea Susan... thats great!! and yummy too!

Lee said...

Oh gosh I've never seen something like this before!! How fun!!!