Sunday, July 06, 2008


Today at Scrapchat we were challenged thus:

Your task is to use a photo with a distinct season feel. for example, a photo of you in a bikini at the beach may obviously mean 'summer' ; a photo of you with jumpers/jackets/beanies gloves etc is quite likely to be a WINTER photo yes? lol.

Your title needs to be the season appropriate to your photo. Also I'd like to see something different with regard to colours. if it's a winter LO - go easy on the blue...summer - let the yellow go ! lol ... kwim? I do not mean you can't use it at all....just try not to let the 'obvious' colours take over.....

So I had to find a 'seasonal' pic, and remembered one I had been meaning to do something with. It was taken an eon ago in another world. I just loved that parka (coat) that made me look like a fuzzy teddy. A sign of things to come! LoL!

And here I thought I would be scrapping a page for Abbey as my first scrapped page in our new home.

That will happen soon now that I've found all my gear! He he he!

Edited: Pine Point is now a ghost town. It was a mining town in NWT, Canada in the 1960s and into the 1970s and when we were there, it had about 500 people in it. I actually found Pine Point on Google Earth once by searching diligently. It is located 12 miles south of the Great Slave Lake, 60 miles east of Hay River. You can still see the basements of houses that were concreted over by the mining company when the houses were moved and the town was closed.


Lee said...

What a fun photo!!!! And a great page....I love how you used snowflake punchies instead of flowers......gotta love winter!! Oh it winter for you now??? How much snow and cold do you get in wintertime?

Suzanne said...

You look like a little Eskimo! Where is Pine Point?

Jaqi said...

Brrrr.....Looks cold....Very nice tho, Jaqi x

Amy said...

Your interpretation of the sketch is great Susan! It is a really nice layout and so nicely proportioned! I am stunned! Maybe I should give that sketch a go!