Friday, July 11, 2008

A Real Bug and a Noisy Miner for you

I'm glad some people enjoyed the little beetle on my card two posts ago. Yesterday in the Park I had a chance to capture a real bug on film for you. It is such a pretty thing. Pity it stinks so much when you touch it, according to two ladies I was with. I didn't try to prove it by touching it to see if it would stink! It seems to be a variety of Harlequin Bug but I am willing to be corrected if wrong.

And the Noisy Miner (also known as a Mickey Bord or a Soldier Bird) was quite cooperative about hanging around over our heads as we lunched. He was just looking for a moment when we turned our heads away from the food so he could swoop in and pick up a few crumbs. I was going to get a picture of a Scared Ibis too but they weren't as cooperative about posing yesterday, though they were terribly interested in our lunch as well.


My Paper World said...

Great photo's Susan! and congrats on your DT spot! xx

Lee said...

Oh cool photos!! You know I just love your wildlife pictures!!! Hmmmm.....never heard of a Miner cool!!!

Jaqi said...

What a colourful little bug, great pictures, Jaqi x