Saturday, July 19, 2008

Embossing page and some Blog Candy to win!

Well, I spent a day getting some items ready to be photographed so I could build the rest of the embossing page on and it's done! Here's the card I used to illustrate some of the embossing techniques I talked about on the site. I used a Stampin' Up! set called Carte Postale - I really like this set - and gold embossing powder.

If you have some time to have a look at the page and give me some feedback on how it reads and looks, I would be really happy about that :-)

You can find the new page by going here.

What I am trying to do is provide people with a basic idea of how to make things using certain techniques. I know you lovely ladies are all experienced papercrafters and will know instantly what I am trying to show.

Thank you in advance for helping me out with this! I would like feedback in the beginning stages especially so I can get the 'tone' of the site right, iykwim.

Oh yes - The person who gives makes the most helpful comment by the end of July will be in line for a little blog candy!!


Lee said...

Susan!! I think your site is coming along wonderfully!!!! I think the step by step is awesome, and I don't know how many photos you wanted to use, but one for each of the bigger steps or a more confusing step is really helpful to me as I'm a visual learner. And I don't know if you want to add to use an embossing buddy before using the versamark? Sometimes it helps, but sometimes it makes my paper all white and doesn't seem to help. Anyway.....I think it's so cool and can't wait until your site is'll be FABulous I know!!!! Hugs!!

Mother Hen said...


Somehow my 'helpful' post went onto your blog post for yesterday *sigh* I guess I have too many windows open.

I am going to do a copy/paste so I am sorry for the double post. Here goes -

Great post on embossing!

One of the best ideas for an embossing 'tool' that I have used for years I got from my SU! upline.

I covered a small clipboard with foil and use it to hold my project in place while I apply the heat to the powder.

This saves my fingers and the foil seems to help speed up the melting process as well.

Also, if you are not planning on trimming the piece down that you are embossing then use a scrap piece of cardstock under the clip on the board to avoid an indentation.

I also use my clipboard to make shrinky dinks - too fun :-)

Mother Hen
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