Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make a Table Card

Guess where I have been? On a Scrapchat Retreat! And it was marvelous fun. I left home Friday night and didn't get home till noon on Monday. There were fourteen girls who scrapped their hearts out all weekend. We had wonderful challenges, wonderful food, a baby shower for our most pregnant scrapper, (there were two pregnant ladies but the second one isn't due till later in the year), lots of photo opportunities with our country and western theme night, lots of photo opportunities on the beach, and lots of shopping opportunities with Tanyah bringing along her entire Scrap 'n Craft With T shop for our convenience and temptation!!! And I was tempted, and I shopped. A lot.

I'll be showing you some layouts and cards and so on over the next few days but thought I would start with our table cards. We have a tradition of making a table card out of a jumbo playing card each Retreat. Every lady gets a card as a base. She is supposed to cover the card with paper or paint or her choice of medium, then pas the card on to the next person at the table.
The next person adds another embellishment, than passes the card on and so on. We had four at my table and I wound up with a card I love. I sanded then painted the front of the card, then added turquoise dauber to the top of that. The effect looked like silk to me. I sanded and daubed the back of the card so some of the playing card would show through. Everyone signed the back of the card. As this was my second Retreat, I now have two! I plan to link these together wth a book binding ring and continue to add table cards as I attend Retreats.

Oh and before I go, if you haven't been on a Retreat but would like to be tempted with some gorgeous new products, check out Tanyah's shop. She is having a celebration as it is her shop's first birthday so is offering lots of specials. If you decide to register as a customer and place an order, please put my name in the comment box as a referer (just put Susan's Saga)? I said I would promote Tan's celebration on my Blog and she would like to know that I told you about her. Thanks!

I'll be back later with some more projects from the Retreat. Happy Crafting!

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