Sunday, May 10, 2009

Looking for some new forums?

I was moseying around the Internet the other night and found some forums that look inspirational.

I've recommended Scrapchat to you all before and I heartily endorse it, especially for Aussie girls who love retreats and want inspiration and a place to display their creations as well as make some fabulous friends. The forum membership is around 200 so you can really get to know people there. We're all off on a retreat this Friday and I expect to be able to show you plenty of new things after that!

I found another forum that is based in the USA as well, and it's mainly about scrapbooking. It's called the Start A Scrapbook Community. The members there have made me feel very welcome already! And they are looking for new members, so if you want a new place to hang out, why not join in? Their aim is to reach 1,000 members and they only need five more as of today!

Another forum that seems also to be USA based but who has some international members is Rubberstampchat. They too have made me very welcome. Their membership is over 2,000 so it's a big place, with lots of ideas coming from many directions. The focus there is stamping and card making but there's plenty of paper craft diversity as well.

Another interesting place is PaperCraftPlanet. They have a Ning format so you have a page of your own as a sort of blog and people comment on your page. I'm learning the format there and it's fun - sort of like instantly finding a huge source of inspirational blogs all at once! Talk about being a kid in a candy store - lol!

Have fun and let me know if you join sany of the forums or know of some other great ones :)

Happy Crafting!

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