Friday, April 11, 2008

How to make Paper Roses

The little paper roses I made for a page layout a couple of days ago are easy to make. I was taught how to do this by a Creative Memories consultant, Vanessa. For those of you wanting to make your own, here are the instructions.

Start with some thin designer paper that you have cut or punched into smallish squares (if you want smallish flowers). I used the Creative Memories square punch, the largest square. If you use thick cardstock, it is a lot harder to fold your flowers flat.

For each flower:

1. Fold a square point to point, then unfold and do the same with the other points, so you wind up with a square that has a 'cross' in it. Make your folds really crisp and as accurate as possible - use a bone folder to crease if you have one.

2. Unfold your square and fold the points all in to the centre.

3. Unfold your square. Pinch it together to make the shape shown and crease well.

4. Fold two points up towards the point (not down, unless you want a more elongated shaped flower) to make the petals - widen them out so you have a 'middle' to the flower.

5. Fold the other two points up to meet in the middle of the back of the flower. You don't want them to show so they should be as close together as possible. Place some adhesive on the back and stick the back folds to the flower to make it flatter.

6. Cut some thin, green strips of paper and fold over the bottom of the flower to form the base. Stick them down at the back and trim the ends so they don't show when the flower is turned over.

I then used a gold pen to embellish the flowers a bit more. You could use the same colour pen instead, to cover any white bits still showing.


Lee said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial!! The flowers look so pretty and I am definitely going to try to make some!! The pictures help amazingly!!! You're the best!!!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on writing a wonderful tutorial. I will definitely make some this weekend. You made it look very easy.

Anonymous said...