Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's December!

It's December and I put up our Christmas Tree today. I still need to decorate it. It was a new tree, bought by my dear DD to cheer me, as my old tree was bought by my Dad in 1970 and was looking much worse for the years of wear! I had fun trying to make my new tree look 'authentic' since it has bendy branches and you can make it look as though the branches are reaching towards the sun. Neat!

To get further into the Christmas spirit, I then read a blog (Hanna Stamps!) and followed a link from there to find out what my Elf Name is. Here it is - see if you get a better name than mine! Lol!

***Susan's Elf Name Is...***

Floppy Snowballer

What's Your Elf Name?


Andrea C (Frog) said...

Hi Susan what a great name, mine is Buddy sweet cheeks, ive got my tree up too just needs trimming.I think i will do that sometime today.


Merry Christmas

Suzanne said...

Love the name! Mine is Fuzzy Stocking Stuffer.