Saturday, December 15, 2007

Display Board!

I just got a new Display Board from CM! They come in distressed white and black and i love mine :-) The board is magnetic so I can change the display when I want to, and put the old display in an album when I do!

I had to try it out last night. The photos didn't come out very well as they were from my old camera, but I will use my new camera more in 2008 so the quality should be better.


Unknown said...

That is really cute. I love the idea of being able to change it out.

Happy Holidays
Jessica Lynn

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Wow Susan that is lovely well done. Merry Christmas.

Andrea xx

Teresa said...

I really like that! I ignored on my CM rep's page because they made it look boring- but your choices really look good!

gypsyangel said...

Looks excellent Susan.


Amy said...

I love the idea of this display board. Can you let me know the details and price when you get back Susan.. it might be something I look into I think. I would like to be able to display my layouts for a bit before stashing them away in the album. Do they only work with the CM pages though?