Friday, February 05, 2010

Spiral Roses

Look what I learned to make tonight! Chelle thank you for the special class :) I attended a class run by Chelle to learn how to make spiral roses, and she also threw in a layout design for us to use so we could attach our roses right then and there. It was a great class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took a photo of the layout but it really doesn't look good enough to post as it is night here and you all know how night photos of craft items turn out, even when you have 'daylight' lamps. This one just wouldn't come out so I will have to take a picture in the morning.

Meanwhile, I hope you like the sneak peek of my roses :)


Chris said...

Susan your layout is divine and I just LOVE those curly roses!!
They look so gorgeous in the centre of your flower bases...I especially love the crochet one.
Chris xx

Pearl said...

love the close up of your spiral rose here , Susan ! I must try it sometime !

Hope you had a sweet V day !

Ours coincided with the 1st day of chinese New year which is a far more important day . lol .

Anonymous said...

These roses are jut beautiful, I'm going to have a go at making one, wish me luck!!!
I love your blog and will pop by often.

Carla Murphy said...

Love those roses!!