Monday, January 25, 2010

Zettiology Take 2 -Spot the Difference

After looking at all those amazing Zetti ATCs at Chriss' blog, I just had to change up my own a little. Can you see the difference? As if it isn't obvious! Now my perplexed boys have Zetti legs, of course! I feel much better about sending them off to the swap with their legs properly in style.

PS You are not seeing things - there are five ATCs in the bottom picture and six in the next as I forget to put all of them together for the 'before' shot.


Chriss Rollins said...

fabulous soooo glad that hubby delayed the posting of them and I bet you are too.

chriss x
Hermine will love them.

Hermine said...

They are fabulous!!!

Chriss Rollins said...

hi Susan,

just popping over to thank you for coming to our live online party 32hrs of fun and games, you being there helped make it a success.

thank you Chriss x

acupoftea123 said...

Hi Susan.

love the projects on your blog! :>

Also, really appreciate your valuable advice on glue gun safety issues. (yahoo answer - cos i don't know how to add a comment towards your reply) thus i put my thanks here :>

take care

Chris said...

whoohooo get you... zettiology addicted too lol
ooooh guess one of these is mine...Yeeeesssss
They are totally cool Susan...can't wait to see them in real life :D
Have a fab day hun and pop over to my blog for my giveaway too :D
Chris xx

My Paper World said...

They are fab Susan! But now I have to go find out what zettiology is!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hi Susan, Love your Zetti atcs. They are very cool and quite a departure from your other work. I hope I'm lucky enough to get one of these!

黑色噱 said...
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Pearl said...

these are fun , Susan ! love the style of them ! so different from what you usually do ! ;) & it's all good !

Hope you get to play along with the Scrappiest this month you never know that you might win a prize !