Friday, September 25, 2009

Gift Card

While in Far North Qld I met up with some crafting friends (which was great!) and showed them how to make the Father's Day gift card I made a few weeks ago. Here's the one I made. This time, I used paper punches to decorate the card and blinged them up a little with metallic and black pens. It was a very quick way to make the card!


Paula J Atkinson said...

Cool pouch, great quick make for gift vouchers.

Pearl said...

Hey Susan

wow are you on the move ! & I didnt realise about the dust storms ard Australia ! things are a shakin'!

I love how you used the punches here ! good size too they are !

& thanks for the comments on our young friend on Spore Idol !

He's from our church , & our cell leader's kid ! lol