Friday, June 12, 2009


Do you have a brayer? How do you use yours? I put together a couple of ideas for how to use one and made it into an article for Ezine Articles.

I know the ideas there are pretty basic. Will you tell me some ways you have used your own brayer?

Or if you are new to brayering, let me know when you start to use one and how I can see your projects!

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Suzanne said...

Hi Susan,
I've missed being around but have been dealing with some health issues that left me exhausted most of the time. But meds are beginning to work and I am starting to feel like my old self (no pun intended on age).
I've used my brayer wrapped in a random design with rubberbands to create a background for cards. I'll try and post a pic on my BLOG in the next week. I haven't gotten back to stamping yet, but have been doing some quilting.