Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Daintree and Cape Tribulation

Spent a craft free day - a drawback only because I do have a card to make - but the day was a glorious one and I loved every minute of it. DH and I drove to the Daintree River and to Cape Tribulation and just enjoyed the beauty of the country and each other's company. It was a wonderful break for us both. We are tired in a good way this cold evening (it's not down to freezing yet but early this morning we had the first frost of the winter) and will soon away to sleep, but I wanted to show you a picture of the beach in late afternoon - just gorgeous - and a view from the top of the range on the way back to Mossman. We are so blessed to live in this beautiful land.

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Kathy said...

oooooh we went on the Daintree River when we were in Port Douglas. We went for a ride on an electric boat with a fantastic guide who pointed out the various wildlife along the banks. We didn't see any crocs though - only the odd "logadile"