Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sparkle Card!

OK - you ladies at Daring Cardmakers asked for Sparkle, and I think you've got it in this card! Talk about daring - all that gold embossing powder - I nearly set my kitchen alight using the toaster to 'cook' it! (Would that have counted alongside the coffee quirks I read about tonight?)
Anyway, here it is, in all its glory. I didn't do anything too technical. I used ordinary writing paper to print the words with Word Art, then jazzed them up with gel pens. I used embossing ink on the rest of the card, then gold embossing powder (did you notice??) Next I stamped the Merry Christmas sentiment on white cardstock, enhanced it with gel pens, pinked it, pinked the edges of the main matt, then jazzed it all up with some ribbon and wooden painted stars. Out with the glue stick and voila - one Sparkle card. Thanks for the idea - I now have a total of ONE Christmas card for my box! Gotta start somewhere, right?


Kathy said...

Jeepers you must have used half a pot of embossing powder there! And using the toaster - I tried that once - it was such a disaster I went straight out and got a heatgun. Not that I've found it since we moved house...hmmmm I wonder if it's with those little foam tipped inking things I haven't found either.

Keryn Campbell said...

I just love using embossing powders and nothing is more sparkly than gold. Great card Susan.

Gillian said...

wow, that's sparkly alright..
Beautiful Susan.. Your one christmas card ahead of me....
looks like you had a lot of fun making it...I'm a bit nervous around embossing powder..I usually spill it everywhere..
TTFN From your fellow nightowler

Rhi said...

Glad you were inspired to make a Christmas card, love the EP background. Thanks for joining in and thank for sharing, Rhi x