Monday, March 23, 2015

For the Boys and Men

Many crafters have trouble making masculine cards. I keep some special stamp sets for the men in my life and usually have little trouble making them cards for their birthdays. Want to know my secrets? I consider the interests of the fellows around me and get stamp sets to coincide with those - fishing, boating and camping seem to be themes around here. Some just like the ocean. If all else fails and I don't know their interests too well, I use stars or Fleur-de-lis instead of flowers, and use less of them. Or I select a nice strong tree as my main image. I use stronger colours like reds, browns, greens, blacks, yellows, oranges and blues, usually, but purples can be fine too. Whimsy is good for boys so I make little monsters or creatures. They also like robots, in some cases, but I have no robot stamp sets yet :) Lego is fun. And teens love to be sporty quite often so I choose action figures or something that can go fast, like cars, speedboats, etc.  Hmm. Does that give you some ideas?

Here are a couple of masculine cards I made recently to add to the inspiration!

Let me know if you need a supply list for any of these cards. All images are current at time of publishing and can be found in my Stampin' Up! shop.


fairysparkle said...

Hey Susan, lovely ideas for men's cards , I really struggle with men's I think it's cause I love feminine cards and babies cards . . Thanks for sharing that caterpillar one is so cute for the younger men in our family's , the boat one is very majestic and I know a fisherman who would love the fish one . Xx

Ellis said...

Beautiful birthday cards, I do keep some fishing themed stamps for men too! But I know they would work for others too! =) Cute caterpillar card!
Hugs, Elenor

Lady Anne Milnes-Howard said...

Super cards for men Susan, I thought Elenor would like the caterpillar one lol. I love the ship one, mind you the fishes are rather cute too and what boy wouldn't like that caterpillar one? They are all fabulous...
Love ~ Lady Anne xxx