Saturday, December 01, 2012

A New Tool for Me!

Christmas has come a little early for me this year with a brand new style of paper trimmer finding its way to my door :)  I am very happy with my new Stampin' Up! paper trimmer. It has so many new features and benefits, I am in serious like! If you want to know more, I posted a video about it and have listed more information here.

Of course, a new paper trimmer means crafting a bit more, don't you think? I have been busily doing so. Here's a little handmade gift albu I made with some of my crafting friends inside:

Now I REALLY needed a decent paper trimmer to make this little item! Lol! And the good thing is, it's not finished yet. I get to go play some more.

Think I'll do that about now :)

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