Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thailand Tigers

Now for something completely different! Well, different in that I usually post cards, right? This time I actually made a double layout of Col and I in Thailand, getting to know some tigers. Yikes! I was sure nervous abotu getting to know tigers! But Col was determined. It was one of his lifelong wishes, to get close to a real live tiger. The day we went to this particular place, he got close to many tigers. We lost count. And he had a ball. I was still very wary as those things are HUGE and the paws on the bigger ones alone were bigger than dinner plates. They were quite used to the Buddhist monks who handled them though and tolerated us without protest.

So here it is, the Thailand Tigers double layout (most of the supplies were non-Stampin' Up! items and i cannot remember which companies etc made the papers and so on, but it was a fun layout to make).

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Carla Murphy said...

Well there's one crossed off the bucket list for Col!! Fantastic layout Susan! These pictures are amazing... that is one HUGE kitty (my heart would have been in my throat!) Great shots... he looks quite comfy hanging out with you two.

(Thanks for visiting my blog as well... you are very encouraging to me too, so right back at you!)