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Monday, July 23, 2012

Coffee and Cream Quilt

Ta dahhh! This is a picture of my first quilt, being held up by my kind, long-suffering husband and my ever-supportive though attention seeking dog. I finished this lap quilt in April but it has taken me awhile to get round to taking its portrait. I think it is called a post and rail quilt? I could be wrong there. Anyway, it is my first quilt and I love it. It has a wool centre and is just the right weight to have on my lap these cool winter in  Queensland evenings :)

I have kind of fallen in love with fabric all over again now that I have started to learn about quilting. I am even putting fabric on my handmade cards, like the ones we made in the June class I ran here at home:

This paper and fabric and embellishment range is the Twitterpated range from Stampin' Up! I can see it will only be a matter of time before I quilt some Stampin Up! fabric into something.

Stay tuned!


Carla Murphy said...

Multi-talented! OMGosh I love your quilt - colours are gorgeous and I love the design. Love those cards too, pretty papers, pretty design - clean & classy!

Tom Hurley said...

Susan, that's one very nice quilt! Are you going to be making more to be given (sold) to your loving, admiring relatives?

Susan said...

Thanks for your nice comments, Carla and Tom :)

PS: Ha ha! How did you guess my plans, Unc? How many would you like?

Queen Bea Scraps said...

Hi Susan,
I love your quilt, I wish I knew how to make quilts. But if I learned I'd have to give up Stampin' Up! and I'm not willing to do that. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to stop by to let you know I love all your cards and projects.
I'm trying to use my DBWS blog a little more. The last time I used it before today was in 2011 convention, shame on me.
Hopefully I'll get better.