Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tiny Paper Daisies

I just could not resist quilling some more little paper daisies tonight. I m planning to use them to make Mother's Day Cards for the Troops. It will be nice to have a little stash of them like this when I am making my cards with the church ladies. I think they will go well with the little hearts we are also planning to make. Hearts and flowers for Mother's Day. It seems so right!


Carla Murphy said...

Ohhhhhhh! I love these!!! Beautiful!!!!!!

Alz said...

Oh wow Susan these are so so pretty! I love them!!! Wish I knew how to make them hint hint!!! Hmm I wish I knew someone who was having a SU flower swap ... again LOL hint hint hint!!! Love them!!!!!!!!!! :) xx

Lizzy said...

Susan as Alz said they're so pretty. xx