Monday, June 09, 2008

How big are your termites?

I always wanted to get a picture of one of the enormous termite mounds we have here in Far North Queensland, and I finally got one. Colin is standing next to it to show the size. These things are everywhere in the bush up here, and termites come to town too.
We have to guard our houses against being eaten in the dark!
Seriously, these things do eat wood, and we do have to keep watch fro little clay tunnels running up the walls, but most people manage to avoid their houses being infested :-)
I would have put up a photo of Abbey fro you today but still don't have one on the computer.
It will come! I promise!


Lee said...

Wow!! I've seen these on tv, but it sure makes an impact to see your hubby standing next to one!! And we'll be waiting for those sweet little Abbey pictures!!

Suzanne said...

Wow that's some ant hill. And termites yet....nasty little buggers! We've got them around here as well though I've never seen anything quite like this!