Thursday, October 18, 2007

I may be without card making supplies, BUT

I did bring my scrap booking supplies. I didn't bring my photo sharing software or the lead to connect it with our friend's computer, or I could show you the pages I made yesterday. Oh well. It felt good to finally have some pages done for DS's wedding. I still want to get some of the professional photos printed so I can make some lovely pages with them, but I managed to get my happy snaps into album format :-)

Must make a list of items to bring when we go away next time. I forget several crucial items for scrap booking too. I guess it was a sign that I needed a bit of a break from all usual activities!

Today I am trying my hand at some feel-good cooking. I have a beautful smelling spice cake half done in the kitchen. I found the recipe on the Internet today. (How good is it to find recipes at the click of a mouse?? Just Google for what you want! I have never been steered wrong!) It's a boiled spice cake - that's why the house smells so good. I'm waiting for the boiled bit to cool down enough so I can add the last few ingredients, then I'll pop the whole thing in the oven. I had to alter the recipe somewhat as I didn't quite have all the ingredients on hand that the recipe called for, so it's an experiment in more ways than one. A new recipe AND I altered it already!! Ah well - live dangerously when you can. Lol!

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