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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've been tagged by a lovely lady named Andrea ('Frog') (Andrea's Card Creations)!! This is my first tag so here goes. You have to write seven facts/habits about yourself then tag another seven people.

1. I have played the flute since I was 13 years old and am still playing each week at my church. I LOOOVE to play Godly music and worship Him.
2. I LOOVE my husband and my children - really and truly!
3. I have realised that you have to pass on your skills to others, lest they be lost. None of us lives forever, so I am teaching some sweet young things how to play the flute and fife.
4. I have realised that my priorities have changed since I got older. People and relationships matter more than anything else I 'do' in my life.
5. I started stamping and scrapping last year and LOOOVE stamping and scrapping! (Surprise, surprise!)
6. I need to lose weight but will settle for not gaining any.
7. I LOOOOVE chocolate!

OK - now it's my turn to tag. I choose.... Iralamija, Wendy, Dolly, Kel, Leo, Rhi, and Suzanne!

Have fun, everyone!


Suzanne said...

Hi Susan. Thanks for tagging me, I think. No seriously I had fun thinking about seven facts. I hope you get back to my site to read them some time. I enjoyed reading yours I feel I know you better. Maybe someday I will get to travel to Australia and meet you. That would be too cool!

Frog said...

Thanks Susan its great to read others tags and its fun too.

Andrea xx

Speak soon

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh your tag is lovely to read Susan... you are such a special girl :o)
I love the flute, listening..I mean, can't play any instrument..

ronee said...

I loved your weight comment! I told my husband that very same thing! "Right now I just care that I don't gain anymore! I will work off the rest later!"
too funny!